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Testing a Waterproof Pelican 1510 Case by Dunking it in a Swimming Pool


Pelican’s $170 1510 carry on case is advertised as a durable, dustproof, and watertight option for hauling your camera equipment from place to place, but how well does it actually keep water out? Nathan Taylor decided to find out with a personal test in a swimming pool. He shares his experiment and findings in the 1-minute video above.


“I tested if the Pelican cases really are waterproof/watertight by taking it for a swim. Turns out they are,” Taylor tells PetaPixel. “This isn’t an endorsement video, I just had to see it to believe it.”


“I dunked this thing over and over, and put all of my 190lbs on it as long as I could to sink it. It was difficult to keep underwater.” In the end, the case emerged from the pool with its interior compartment perfectly dry. And it turns out Pelican cases can double as a personal floatation device as well!